As I am teaching English as a home teacher, and my friend Takayoshi inspired me, I will try writing English texts aujourd’hui.
Now, at the university, I started learning Spanish. Many words are common or similar to French ones, so it is not so difficult for French learner to remember them. I am, however, not a good student of French class; it is not true for me.
You should know it, as long as you are or were a student of SFC, that every language class has chances to play dramas in its language. A team consists of 5 or 6 people and we make scenarios it will long about 5 minutes. It is often the case with the freshmen or freshwomen, too much effort for the skits!!!!!!!!!! Some plans to use properties, another decides to create settings…….
From this skit you can earn only 5 points (for full marks) however good the scenario is or the however well actors play. But somehow, we can feel like devoting everything to it, thinking of it as some kind of a festival! Talking with each other, our group too, someone proposed to use properties and I accepted it at once! So now what is needed for me to do is cutting the board and make a taxi! Happy weekend guys!

by eringish | 2005-05-21 01:35 | 勉強とか  

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